We at Upbeat Express Auto Transport has geared our services toward the auto dealers’ time sensitive transportation needs, specializing in dealer trades, internet sales, auction purchases and full inventory overhauls. We provide you the ability to transport your vehicles without having to worry about the most important part of the deal, getting the right car to the customer, in the most expedient manner. The auto industry is heavily dependent on timely auto transport, yet this can often be the most unreliable and stressful part of putting a deal together. Upbeat Express Auto Transport pride ourselves in delivering! We are committed to providing your management team the understanding and delivery of great customer service, reliability, and cost effectiveness. By developing a successful communication pathway within the auto hauling community, this has given Upbeat Express Auto Transport the ability to let you spend your valuable time with the most important person, your customer. You can now simply make one phone call to us and have confidence that you’ll get the car you need, when you need it. Don’t let another deal slip away because you don’t have the right car on the lot.

Our Upbeat Team has over 50 years of combined experience in the auto industry. We know first-hand the importance you and your sales team place on customer satisfaction. While impeccable customer service and reliability is a certainly a priority, we know that in today’s marketplace, cost effectiveness and the bottom line are just as critical to your dealerships success. With our experience in streamlining dealership costs and our network of transportation specialists, Upbeat Express Auto Transport can offer you the peace of mind and competitive edge in knowing that the right car will be delivered in the most expedient manner and at the best price.

Transporting Cars for Dealerships

When moving cars for dealerships, Upbeat Express Auto Transport offers a comprehensive solution to your vehicle shipping needs. We understand the car dealers unique and extensive auto transporting requirements including auto auctions, dealer trades, lease returns, corporate re-locations and internet units that were sold to your customer. By handling all the logistical details involved with moving a vehicle to or from your dealership – including all auction paperwork and gate passes, verification of insurance and regulatory status of the carrier, and even communicating with your customers on the status of their automobile while in transit – Upbeat Express Auto Transport lets you focus on your business! Our nationwide network of carriers operate a wide variety of equipment for various types of cars, light trucks, vans and SUVs including enclosed carriers for high end cars, roll-backs for inoperable vehicles, or full sized trailers capable of hauling up to 10 cars at a time. Fully licensed, bonded and insured and with an A+ rating with the BBB, upbeat Express has developed trust with so many dealers, and we would like the opportunity to do so with you! A leader in transportation, Upbeat Express Auto Transport is the right choice to handle all of your car moving needs.

Auto Auctions

Searching the internet for auto auction inventory is fast and easy and most dealers are becoming more skilled and comfortable at finding inventory nationwide, but dealers are finding it difficult to find a quality transporter to move vehicles that are purchased a few at a time from several different auctions around the country. The team at Upbeat Express Auto Transport is highly trained and experienced and knows what it takes to get vehicles to and from auctions nationwide. Specialists in auction processes including checkout procedures, release paperwork, arbitration times, and inspection reports Upbeat Express Auto Transport are able to provide transportation for full truck loads or single units, standard compacts, mid-size or full size, or over-sized vehicles. We utilize state of the art technology which allows us to configure cost effective loads and to navigate shipping lanes in order to save you both time and money. At Upbeat Express Auto Transport, our phones are monitored 24 hours a day if you have any questions opr concerns about your auto auction vehicle. So, now you can find the inventory you need across the country and have the confidence that Upbeat Express can safely transport your vehicles home.

Dealer Trades

Upbeat Express Auto Transport handles all aspects of a dealer trade as we work with new and used car managers at dealerships nationwide handling thousands of transports for dealer trades every year. Initially, we dispatch a carrier to the first location to get the trade started and after the first vehicle is dropped off the carrier picks up the second vehicle and delivers it to you. If the traded vehicle is already sold and you don’t want your customer waiting, Upbeat Express Auto Transport can dispatch two carriers simultaneously to the two separate locations and save a few days in the delivery time.

Fleet and Leasing Managers

When transporting hundreds, or even thousands of vehicles, separately or simultaneously takes years of experience and Upbeat Express has over 50 years of experience transporting vehicles from coast to coast. By configuring loads and staging trucks at any location in the country, analyzing routes and navigating shipping lanes for cost effective transport, Upbeat Express has the knowledge to handle all the aspects of getting your car moved. We answer our phone 24 hours a day which allows us the ability to consistently maintain communications with you regarding the status of your vehicles in-transit. Upbeat Express Auto Transport can process payments electronically as a total invoice or break it down to a per unit basis as needed.

Corporate Re-locations

No matter if it’s an entire company or one employee, Upbeat Express Auto Transport can handle your entire vehicle moving needs. By offering full truck loads and a complete line of relocation services for corporate, government and small business moves or door-to-door service for single units, Upbeat Express has the flexibility to handle all types of corporate re-locations. No move is too big or too small.

Call (888) 7UPBEAT and ask for one of our team members. Take advantage of our offer to provide you a FREE consultation on your particular transportation needs and for a FREE quote. Our team at Upbeat Express Auto Transport will work hard to EARN your trust and your business!