Hilarious Fail Redneck Blows His Engine

From the very first moment, the patched up window steals the glances! Oh my gosh, he used a plastic garbage bag! Then, the moment of truth; he tries a burnout! We watch closely his wheels, but they don’t seem to spin at all! It’s kinda hard to do a burnout when you apply the e-brake! […]

When did a parking Boot ever stop enyone???

This lady gets what looks like a boot put on her BMW in a parking. She sees this and the first thing that goes through her mind is lets see if I can drive with it on. The people watching this urge her to stop to prevent her from causing further damage to her vehicle. […]

California PD High Speed Chase with Stolen Truck

In this footage, we will witness an intense High speed police chase. The cops are chasing a driver driving a stolen truck. It was one long pursuit and the driver managed to escape the police for so many times. He can even be seen ramming the LAPD cars until he got trapped in a crowded […]

Check out this crazy Corvette Stingray Concept Car!

Get ready to feast your eyes on GM’s newest concept masterpiece, the Corvette Stingray! This amazing new concept features a merger of GM’s past, present and future designs all resulting in the very new and unique Stingray you will see in this video. The car is given a futuristic edge for the new Transformers: Revenge […]

GHE-O – Amazing Off-Road Rescue Vehicle

Ghe-o Rescue is the perfect solution for medical support and transportation. It has amazing fire extinguish and medical capabilities which can be used on all terrains and in all weather conditions. When we take into consideration that it can carry eleven people on board, Ghe-O Rescue can actually outperform two seats off-road cars in most […]

Fastest Smart Car in the World!!!

Mark Cryer knows pretty well for what reason somebody did this thing to their Smart car, however after viewing this feature you’ll be happy he did. It is named the “Nu Big Thing,” and this Smart comes controlled by a nine liters big block Chevy motor with 725 hp. This extraordinary small car has held […]

Powerlifter VS Parked Car

A Brazilian powerlifter got tired of disrespectful drivers who park in the cycle lane. So, when he encounters this car parked in cycle lane, and being the powerlifter he is, he decides to lift it with his own two hands and move it out of the cycle lane. That’s some serious muscle right there! Afterwards […]