Connected Vehicle Technologies

Our friends at have a great article posted about the use of modern technology to make vehicles more productive, efficient & safer! Its an interesting read & a great use of modern technology & the Trucking industry! Take a minute to scan it over…

Mobile Apps for the Transportation Industry

Take a minute to read this excellent article posted on about making the making the most of Driver apps. Some good info to be gained by all parties! take a few minutes & give this a read!!!  

Chevy Camaro Smokescreen!!!

#chevrolettuesday – all about the Camaro & the wall of smoke & the pounds of tire rubber this beast is leaving behind! Check out this sweet 1970 Camaro SS & all the power under the hood…

Cops vs Motorcycles!!!

#WTFWednesday – Take some daredevil speedster motorcyclists & add some overbearing ticket happy officers of the law & you have a equation for some great chase videos!!! Its worth the time to take a look & enjoy the clips!!!

1969 Dodge Charger R/T w/ 426 Hemi – Iconic Muscle Car

Its #moparmonday so check out this killer video from showcasing the best of the best! this clip focuses on our Fav piece of Mopar Performance – a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T! Sporting a 426 Hemi we all know this ride goes REAL FAST!!! Take a look & it will make you smile on a […]