5 reasons Truck navigation is growing

There are many options for mobile fleet management – and now more than ever there are some great apps available on the Android platform. For a great article about the reasons why Android apps have had such a strong emergence in the last few years check out our friends at ccjdigital.com! For another article that […]

#thankadriver – Driver Appreciation Week!

The American Trucking Association is having its annual National Truck Driver Appreciation week in honor of the 3.4 million drivers in the U.S. that keep industry moving forward! This has been help every year since 1988 and carriers around the country will be having cookouts & awards ceremonies in honor of their drivers. Check out […]

Buy Diesel fuel NOW – it hits a 6 year low!

The price of a gallon of on-highway diesel in the US has dropped 4.7 cents in the final week of August. This is the lowest price point in more than 6 years. Currently the average price for a gallon of diesel is $2.514. Check out the great article on www.ccjdigital.com!

International Trucks industry first Wi-Fi engine reprograming

Talk about a great use of modern technology! The brilliant minds at International Truck have created, tested & are ready to implement an OTA (over the air) reprogramming of engine control modules in 2016! Check out the details at the great Commercial Carriers Journal website CCJdigital.com – love that site & you should too!

Big Dog JB Hunt countersued by MercuryGate software

One of the biggest carriers in the US JB Hunt is being countersued for around $5 million for alleged violations of confidentially & intellectual property rights & resources… This countersuit comes after last months  $3.1 lawsuit from JB Hunt to MercuryGate when the fleet management software was not properly installed in the designated timeframe. Keep […]

Now THIS is a hauler!!!

Check out this photo gallery of Evil Knievel’s 1974 Mack truck which was used to move Evil from one Daredevil feat to the next… Check out the killer patriotic theme on this sweet ride that matches with Evil’s Red, White & Blue look! These are some sweet photos from an American legend!!! http://www.ccjdigital.com/photo-gallery-evel-knievels-hauler-a-1974-mack-hits-hollywood/